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Treasure Map: The Path to our Net Worth

Pirates, scalawags, scurvy*, walking the plank…maybe not.  Mainly chaaarrrts o’ net worth.    Kind of a treasure map.  Get ready! I’ve shared our net worth every quarter (or so) since starting this blog. But what about the days before my media/blogging empire had blossomed?  Before I had tens of avid readers, and hundreds of page […]

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Let There Be Veggies!

It ended up fancy.  Fantastic craftsmanship and expert lines.  Durable – will survive the elements for years.  Solar powered; sustainable. Ok, maybe that’s a bit too much credit. Our family built a vegetable planter this spring.  Craftsmanship & lines = rough cutting cedar into a rectangle.  Solar powered kind of comes with this territory. Our dream team consisted […]

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