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A New Start

Don’t we all deserve a second chance?  Or at least, don’t I?

Well luckily, the interwebs are just the place for that. So here’s a second shot for me as a personal finance blogger.

I tried my hand at blogging for the past year under a different site. Blogging is hard for me – especially on the techie side. Prior to this, I was only comfortable in MS Office and Chrome. So some obstacles for me were simple – layout, site setup, adding functionality, etc. And a boring post occasionally.

As I read more Personal Finance blogs, I realized that I most enjoyed the straightforward ones that told me all the gory details. Successes, Failures, Expenses, Assets, and of course Debts.  Maybe I’m just a creepy voyeur-type.  But I like to think that there is a better reason: when a blogger shares his/her full story, I can better understand their point of view.

So my deepest underlying issue ended up being due to my site’s interaction with my real world.  In my initial excitement of getting online, I told some friends and family about my site. I wanted them (or anyone) to read what I wrote.  But whoops, with friends & family reading, now I couldn’t post my dirty financial laundry.


There was The Rub* – I enjoyed detailed PF blogs, but I wasn’t sharing my info on my own site. So my blogging got a little stale.

But luckily, I bought in bulk at Bluehost, and have 2 more years on my hosting contract. So one new domain name later, and I’m now veiled in the anonymity of the internet.  Secretive.  (I think, but I probably did that part wrong!)

So now I’ll chronicle my last couple years of employee-work as I head into some sort of financial independence / early retirement. My goal is by age 36 – I’ve just turned 34.

Finish Line
Almost There!!


I’m not sure what FI (Financial Independence) looks like yet for me, but will try to figure it out through these posts. Hopefully some nice (or heck, even mean would be ok) readers will give me their opinions at some point.

I’ll try to offer a fresh view.  Please let me know if it gets boring or the same as every other blog.

My goals will be to learn, teach, and enjoy myself a bit:

  • Document our financial life
  • Explore my values & faith
  • Learn from our (and others’) past
  • Force accountability
  • Create interaction & community

Absent from this list is making money. I would love this blog to make a buck or two to pay for the hosting, but I doubt that will even happen. For one, I don’t even know how to insert advertisements. But I don’t care about that side of this blog. I’m not looking to replace my day job with a nights & weekends typing job, or “side hustle,” in PF parlance.

I just want an outlet for thoughts**, a reason to collect thoughts in the first place, and hopefully a community for discussion.


*If you got that “The Rub” is the first section of Swingers, then you are my favorite reader.

**Because my wife is sick of me talking about financial topics, and thinks I’m marginally crazy.

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