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If your goal is early retirement or financial independence, then you should find ways to increase your income.

Increasing your savings rate is simple.  Only two things to do. You can either spend less or earn more.  Or better yet, do both.  Once you’ve started attacking wasteful spending, it’s time to make more money. If you don’t know how, then learn to earn more.

The way I view it, the ability to earn is like any other skill.  Some have natural talent at it, some don’t.  Some get better at it through effort, others don’t.  If someone runs faster than I can, they either have natural talent, or better training, or both.

Same with earning money…you can improve this skill with effort.  I think there is much value in sharpening this skill to the max.

I’d like to see more open case studies and/or individualized lessons about increasing income to high levels in the blogosphere.   “Be the change,” right?  I’ve been pretty successful at constantly increasing my income, so I’ll do it.

This section of the blog specifically geared for people who want to learn to earn more.  Below is a list of articles on how I grew my income throughout my working career, and thoughts on how you can do just as well as – or better than – I did.

1. Let’s Talk Income

2. Best Side Hustle – Be A Better Employee

3. Increasing Income – Asking for More Money

4. History of My Salary

5. Earn More by Hustling & Controlling Capital


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